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Address: Shangshan Industry Area, Gaoqiao Village, Huangyan Town, Taizhou City, Zhejing, China
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Solid Wood Corner Bookshelf
Jun 29, 2017

The desk is used to let us learn to read and write, and people's life is to grow in a new knowledge learning, people's growth and there is no end to learning, so the family has a bookshelf desk is very necessary.

Solid wood corner bookshelf -- solid wood corner bookshelf, advantage is introduced

1, suspension type

The utility model has the advantages of saving the low part space and being used by him, and simultaneously can play the role of decorating the wall surface.

2 、 steel and wood combined type

The utility model has the advantages that the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the board can freely adjust the height according to the size of the book, and the board is said that the gravity is strong, and the deformation is not easy to deform

3, depending on the wall type

Advantages: choose a wall in the room, wall layout, occupancy space is very limited, applicable to smaller indoor space. The rich shelves in the bookshelf bring great convenience to the family office, and maximize the display function only by extending the space.

4, embedded

Advantages: they can be tailored according to the items that need to be stored. Besides the size, they can also order their styles in order to achieve the overall style. In addition, you can also use closed storage design, that is, in front of the cabinet and then placed a wooden wall, wooden wall design, there are many small doors, pull out the small door, you can see the things in the cupboard. At the same time, the storage space inside the recessed wall can be furnished with furniture and furnishings from television to vases.

5, independent

Advantage: strong adaptability, can move them to new homes; also suitable for those bookworm or collection of books; some people in order to go buy a tokenism, independent bookshelf design unique, to reflect their own identity and grade; other independent style shelves can also be used to partition space, similar to the screen the role of.

6, clapboard type

Advantages: removable, can be designed to suit different space requirements