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Shelf Classification
Jun 29, 2017

Heavy-duty tray Shelf: The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by the roll forming, the column can be as high as 6 meters and the middle of the seams, beams selected high-quality square steel, bearing capacity, not easy to deformation, beams and columns between the pendulum for the cylindrical bulge inserted, Reliable connection, easy disassembly and use, and the use of locking nails to prevent forklift work when the beam to stir; all the surface of the shelves are pickled, phosphating electrostatic spraying process, anti-corrosion rust, beautiful appearance. Applicable to large warehouses.

Medium shelf: medium-sized shelf modeling chic, reasonable structure, easy assembly and disassembly, no screws, and strong and strong, bearing capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, corporate warehouses and institutions.

Light-duty shelves: Light-duty perforated shelves are a highly versatile structural system that can be used in assembling lightweight racks, workbenches, tool carts, suspension systems, safety nets and support girders. The length of the punching angle can be cut quickly according to the scale, assembled with screws, modified and re-installed, so that it can meet the careful use of the plan, but also to meet the needs of emergency use.

Loft-style shelves: all modular structure, can be used wood, pattern plate, steel, and other materials to do the floor, can be flexibly designed into two and more layers, for hardware tools. Electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items of small packaging parts storage, storage of multi-species, low-volume cargo full use of space.

Special shelves: including mold rack, oil drums, fluent shelves, grid, climbing cars, net compartments, six categories.

Shelf from the applicability and appearance characteristics can be divided into the following categories:

High shelf: technology from Germany to introduce, with good assembly, carrying capacity and strong stability and so on. Shelf materials use hot and cold steel plate.

Corridor Shelf: Designed for storing a large number of similar pallet goods. Tray one by one in the depth of the direction of storage on the support rail, increasing the storage density, improve the space utilization. This shelf is usually used in storage space is expensive occasions, such as frozen warehouses and so on.

Beam type shelf: is the most popular, the most economical form of a shelf, safe and convenient, suitable for a variety of warehouses, direct access to goods. Is the easiest and most widely used shelf. Can make full use of space.

Gravity shelf: relative to the ordinary tray shelf does not need to operate the channel, it is increased by 60% of the space utilization; tray operation to follow the principle of first-in first-out; automatic storage of rotation; storage and picking the separation of the two operations greatly improve the output, The number of transport routes and forklifts is reduced by sliding the cargo from the gravity and without operating the channel. On the channel of each shelf

Cantilever Racking: Suitable for storing long cargo and irregular goods. The extended cantilever has a light structure and good load capacity, and can greatly improve the utilization and work of the warehouse when storing irregular or length-specific materials s efficiency. Increased shelf, especially for small space, low degree of the Treasury, easy management, wide field of vision, compared with ordinary shelf shelves, the utilization rate is higher.

Loft-style shelves: for the limited variety of venues, the number of small cases, it can increase in the existing venues several times the utilization rate