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Address: Shangshan Industry Area, Gaoqiao Village, Huangyan Town, Taizhou City, Zhejing, China
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How Do You Fix The Corner Shelf?
Jun 29, 2017

Make a protective stand on the wall:

1 use an electric drill to drill holes in the wall, expand the plastic into the wall, and then fix the support to the wall with screws. (the whole frame is 48 cm long, 18 cm plate inserted into the pipe body, between the 2 pipe spacing of 37 cm, 90 cm and 60 of them with 1 such stents, 120 cm for 2 such support, the attention of Taobao on many sellers 120 cm are used 1 stents).

2. Push the body flat forward. The body is against the wall. This side is provided with a hole just to fit the iron tube.

3, the entire installation process is completed, if you do not want to board the body can be removed at any time, it can be inserted with a small screw into the body under the 2 small holes, used to fix the stent and the body