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Don't Go Back To The Whole Book
Nov 29, 2017

The most useful thing in the world is reading and learning. A good book is enough to resist the loneliness at night. It also enables us to understand the experience that life does not give. When we finish reading a book, the fullness and satisfaction of our heart will bring people a kind of incongrable sense of happiness.

If you still have the hobby of reading books in your hands, read and buy them again and again, and expect them to be well stored, you will need a comfortable reading space.

So, many people think of the study. In the decoration of a new home, then try to find a way to separate a room in a small home, as their own reading space.


Actually, this is very uneconomical. Just add two walls to the house to read books, which will make the space which is not big enough to be more crowded and messy.

What's more, the study is now outdated, and the open bookshelf wall is the most popular design. It can not only give your book more place, but it can also be a unique decoration in your home.


What kind of style can it be?