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Differences Between Light Shelves And Medium Shelves
Jun 29, 2017

1, light shelf structure: inserting combined structure, the standard set of plug-ins, without a connecting bolt, convenient and quick disassembly, super type of closed steel plate structure, the height of each 50mm adjustable, each layer of maximum capacity of 150 - 250 kg.

2, medium shelf structure: the structure of the shelf with beam and plate combination, medium shelf bearing 300-500kg beam has a variety of specifications section, structure can be freely installed and removed, height adjustable, adjustable pitch for 50mm.

The shelf component is rolled by steel plate, and the strength and rigidity conform to the standard of mechanical industry. Automatic welding of carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding. The parts are processed by four processes: oil removal, rust removal, pickling and phosphating before injection. 180 degrees epoxy resin powder spraying, usually 60-80 microns. The crossbeam is bent after loading, the bending ratio is 1:200 of length, the tolerance is 10%, and the safety factor is 1.5 times after bearing.

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