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A Reclaimed Wood Shelves Very Creative?
Sep 20, 2017

There are creative and interesting bookshelves that can add books and add color to the blank walls. Such bookshelves do not have to be put in books, but they may be the ones that have been read recently, but they can make the room cool. Here are some of the bookshelves I find more interesting:

Wooden tree bookshelf designed by French genius designer Olivier Dolle,reclaimed wood shelves:

reclaimed wood shelves 1.jpg

And a tree bookshelf with upright growth:

reclaimed wood shelves 3.jpg

Game face

reclaimed wood shelves 5.jpg

The same can only be a few books, but very love books, hut, you can nail in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, aisle wall, put on the last few books to read, with the view. See which page is attached directly to the roof?

reclaimed wood shelves 6.jpg

Balancing Bookshelf

reclaimed wood shelves 9.jpg

I like this kind of bookshelf very much. It is not very practical. If the bookshelf is not fixed, the book will fall easily. reclaimed wood shelves,But it feels good to be surrounded by books and played in the book.

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