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The shelf nailed to the wall - what about the bookshelves nailed to the wall?
Jun 29, 2017

The bookshelf on the wall is a bookshelf designed to improve the collection. It is simple and convenient. The shelves on the wall are usually multilayer, and the shelves and boards are very firm, and the size and length are very suitable. Its practical function is also very convincing. The number of books on shelves in different place is different, space the earth wall bookshelf placed books more, smaller books placed in space is relatively small; the wall shelves because of its simple and convenient, some wall shelf is hanging on the wall, this book is not to occupy the space frame; the wall shelf there can be any combination of disassembly is very convenient.

A shelf nailed to the wall how to build a shelf nailed to the wall

1 prepare materials and tools. To make wall bookshelves, we need to prepare three boards in advance, 2 to 3 pieces of cardboard of the same size (preferably three plywood), 3 long screws with screws, paint and varnish. In addition to the two production tools, vertical drilling machine and curium.

2. Cut the shape of the board. First, cut the shape of the board, vertical and horizontal lines. 3 vertical planks must be of the same size. The shelves are free to place. Or large or small, large, you can put two thick classical and album.

3, cutting, carving. The most complicated step in the whole process of making a wall bookshelf is to accurately see the fit between the cross and the vertical. Each transverse cut out three notches into the center is shown in the picture, a mouth, from both ends of the 20 cm two mouth. The notch on the vertical plate by their own needs to cut, because it directly determines the size of the space lattice. Adjust the position of the incision according to the size of your book.

4. Install paint. Now you can assemble all the boards to see if they fit well, then disassemble, paint and varnish. Of course, if you can have ready plans to meet a situation you dressed. In this way, a perfect wall bookshelf is finished.

The wall bookshelf doesn't occupy any room space. It just needs to be attached to the wall to use. And put more convenient, whether it is the upper end of the desk, sofa side, or living room, bedroom, other locations, can be placed at will, it is extremely simple and convenient to use. The bookshelves made on the wall are also very simple. They do not need to buy them at the furniture mall. They can easily make them at home with several tools.

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