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The living room wall on the shelf
Jun 29, 2017

Shelves are still of great use in life, especially in the living room where there is little room for storage. Then, how to install the shelf on the living room wall?

The living room wall on the rack, follow the three principles

Wall shelving should be installed in accordance with the principle of convenience and practicality. When installing shelving must take into account the whole layout and the habits of everyday life, such as in the kitchen wall on the mounting rack, to take into account the wall is installed in the rack can readily get cooking place.

Wall shelving should be maintained in accordance with the principle of space saving. Kitchen and bathroom in our family is a relatively small place, so the installation of racks must save space, reasonable use of our space position.

The shelving on the wall should be clearly classified. There are many kinds of wall overhead rack, rack installation function in a different different, so they are "out" to make Home Furnishing life everything in good order and well arranged.

The living room wall is the wall rack rack installation method

(1) measure first, fix the position, and make a mark with pencil;

(2) drilling with an electric drill and fixing the shelf with screws and expansion screws.

The living room wall on the shelf - note

Although the installation of wall rack is what is not difficult, but if the installation position is appropriate and affect the overall effect of the beauty of the room, then The loss outweighs the gain.

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