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The creative bookshelf on the wall is beautiful and practical
Oct 11, 2017

Winter has slowly come, the weather has gradually become cold, and then people become lazy some. I don't like to see it in my hands when I see many favorite books. Facing the same study, it makes people feel a little boring. Have you ever thought about getting a nice, creative bookshelf for your study? There are several shelves, there are floor type, there are wall type, and so on, then today's small series of people brought to the wall bookshelf renderings, and enjoy the next bar!

The bookshelf on the wall shows 1


The green color to the wall shelf tree vigor and vitality, creative, showing vigorous vitality, gives a positive, thriving feeling, it can not only keep books has become a beautiful landscape on the wall.

The bookshelf on the wall shows 2


Using a few simple partitions, the space is divided into different functional areas, and the blue barrier makes the space look fresher. Create a strong learning atmosphere.

The bookshelf on the wall shows 3


It looks adorable, bookshelf, there are some small floral embellishment. Six small squares can distinguish between different types of books, also can put some dictionaries, pens and the like. The following five small red flowers are decorated with the whole bookshelf as well as the hook, and it is convenient for the owner to put some small things.

The bookshelf on the wall shows 4


The irregular bookshelf was made of white partitions that looked somewhat like a tree. Books can be placed in both the box and the box. Such an ingenious dress gives the wall a rich expression, lively and playful.

Xiao Bian's words: if a person likes to read, that accumulated over time, the family will naturally gradually increase the number of books, the need for more location to accommodate, it will appear more cluttered. The bookshelf on the wall allows you to sort the books properly and make them easier to look for. It also makes the walls look more colorful and distinctive. It should be noted that books are more weight, and if you put too many books on the wall, the shelf on the wall must be firm. Don't put too many books on the shelf with small partitions.

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