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The collocation of TV wall and decoration frame
Jun 29, 2017

I believe we all know what the TV wall, television wall is behind the television wall, and television background types and styles are many, you can choose according to their preferences. Many people install decorative shelves on TV walls. They can choose decorative frames according to the TV background wall

The decorative rack can hold some sundries or decorations, which saves space, avoids confusion and is beautiful.

1, currently on the market making decorative frame materials are divided into three categories: wood, MDF, particleboard, which is the best wood materials, but the wood decorative frame number, a single style, the higher the price, the second is the density board, finally for particleboard.

2, the current market decorative shelf surface process mainly paint process, spray painting process, melamine ammonia overlaying process. For the baking process in the top grade decorative frame, the surface of the visible light, durable, can not afford not blistering; times for painting process, the same is not durable, the characteristics of edge foaming, the only difference is the surface texture board slightly and paint process separator; finally for melamine veneer process in this process, the shelf in a short period of time to use better, but because the process made the board table full of easy from the side, bubbles, affect the appearance, so it is not suitable for long-term use.

As one of the important elements of the living room style, the TV background wall is becoming more and more popular.

In fact, TV background wall decoration frame is a very flexible program in the TV wall region set up some space to display some of their favorite decorations, so the choice is very large, and can be replaced at any time, simple but elegant.

Art points: art decorations, antiques

Harmonious color matching is the advantages of this living room, mainly using coffee and white to build, everything with its close color fusion. Especially the TV background wall unit adopts coffee, wood color, TV cabinet, besides the large capacity storage function, it also provides a good display space for art decorations.

Program art point: solid matrix art background wall

The white TV cabinet as the main body of the television background, at the bottom of the cabinet in the middle of the door, with logs instead, exhibiting classic Nordic style. Cabinet display part and the bookshelf got a very good distribution, the right hanging closet to put books, while on the left shows the natural glass cabinet, and the three-dimensional matrix art background wall at the top of the back wall of the upper space rich.

Program art point: artistic ornament of abstract modeling

This more compact TV backdrop, very suitable for small family. On the left side of the cabinet, half hidden storage, half display art decorations, hanging above the top of the TV in the closet, specially put a snake like decorations, make TV setting wall space did not dare a little monotonous.

Program art point: decorative display cabinet design + simple decorations

TV cabinet with wooden rectangular presentation of each rectangle in little and dainty, is a good container, glass art showcase special moment, enhance the television background wall art, while the top and side of minimalist art furnishings for extra points.

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