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Address: Shangshan Industry Area, Gaoqiao Village, Huangyan Town, Taizhou City, Zhejing, China
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Overall home design concept
Dec 26, 2017

As a whole, the concept of home design is interpreted as a "2+1" design mode which integrates decoration, location planning, complete design and home accessories design. First through the "five aspects of Home Furnishing function, decoration decoration Feng Shui positioning, price positioning, design style positioning, construction plan positioning" complete the "decoration planning", locking the overall direction of design and construction, design from the beginning to the main industry and have intimate nature; followed by "preliminary the design scheme, design, visual element design, application function adjustment" four overall design process, the Home Furnishing decoration all you need to do, as well as the design of the overall effect, all through the standard drawing form and with text express, forming a "complete design, beautiful will permeate every cell the family, will be the owners of the ideal into reality home; furthermore through the" Home Furnishing accessories design ", the hard and soft decoration accessories design work step OK, we should integrate home decoration design into the whole process of home decoration, considering the overall consideration of structure, function, line, color and space, so that we can see everything in harmony. The overall home design pattern is rich in connotation and perfect in effect. It not only fundamentally solves the defects of traditional home design and decoration, but also has six advantages, and become a popular home fashion mode with strong vitality for consumers, which is full of charm and brilliance.


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