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Overall home advantage
Dec 22, 2017

The whole family is the product of home decoration industrialization. According to the industry experts, it has obvious advantages with the traditional home decoration mode: first, the traditional home decoration design is ahead of schedule, which is often difficult to fully meet the expected effect of the design plan. But the whole home can make the material, decoration and other problems harmonize with the whole family style. Secondly, the consumers who take part in the whole house decoration can give all the tedious work of design, construction, material selection and accessories to the company to save time and effort. Third, the whole home can alleviate the pollution problems in the decoration, and solve the noise and dust pollution in the construction site. Even if there is a problem, the responsibility is easily divided, and the company should take full responsibility. Fourth, home decoration enterprises can get products of high quality and low price through large-scale purchase of materials from building materials manufacturers, so consumers can get more benefits. According to the six new central government in China, housing development for the future of large-sized apartment flagship product, cancel the water housing tenant system was introduced, the overall market demand consistense greatly, it is also a great opportunity for the decoration company, but it is also a re shuffle test. Then, the overall home price ratio of the absolute advantage.

In a word, the future development of decoration industry will replace some traditional manual workshop decoration mode, and it is also the inevitable trend of future decoration industry development.


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