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Multifunctional kitchen shelf features
Jun 29, 2017

With our economic income is high, we become more and more at the same time for the use of things needs in life, they will have more choices so that we in some furniture or other products more and more in the purchase of home products, this time if not well received so very influence the appearance but also affect the quality of life.

The shelf is a rack for placing sundries by combining the bottom plate and the pillar. The utility model is supported by a bar support and is supported by a bottom plate. The utility model has the advantages of unique design, ingenious design, simple and convenient loading and unloading, clean and bright, and open design, so that the storage can be seen at one glance. Collect small items in the home system. Rack the floor and pillar and a shelf placed debris. By the support bar, and the bottom plate supporting, unique, ingenious design, easy handling, clean and bright, open design, so that the storage is visible at a glance, and receive a good helper Home Furnishing small items.

Multifunctional kitchen shelf -- introduction of multifunctional kitchen shelving

(1) and unique structure: using chrome steel mesh and the pillar combination, its unique shape structure, flexible design, easy handling, clean and bright, chrome steel mesh solid can promote air circulation, reduce dust accumulation, open design, make the storage visible at a glance.

(2) flexible: the pillars have a circle of inch each, and can adjust the height of the mesh at will (increase or decrease per inch). The utility model can be assembled at random according to the actual requirement, and can be extended at about the right and left (the same width) or connected freely and forward (the same length). Plus a variety of accessories, can be combined into various functional products, such as with V hook, their tube, can be combined into racks; with the direction of the handle, wheels, can be combined into a dining car or cart; a partition plate, side plates and can be combined into a bookshelf and so on.

(3), a wide range of uses: product types and specifications are complete, suitable for any space requirements, products can be composed of different purposes, such as kitchen series, living room series, bedroom series, office series study, as well as shopping malls, hotels, factories or household series, product display series etc..

(4) the force is great: Micro series of each layer of mesh can carry 50KG, household series, each layer of mesh can carry 100-250KG.

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