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Method for purchasing shelf on wall of dining room
Jun 29, 2017

In some modern families, we often see some in the dining room wall for decorative shelves, the shelf can not only as a decoration, you can also use some small articles and books, racks on the market are finished, users can directly hang up, but many people do not know how to choose

The rack material selection shelf in the bathroom for a long time in a moist environment, therefore need to choose not easy to damp rust rotten material. Stainless steel and alloy shelves are considered.

Pay attention to the actual use of rack and rack weight bearing capacity is the most fundamental is the ability, buyers need to choose according to their actual storage, but at the time of purchase, the appropriate pressure on the hand, the deformation observation.

Pay attention to supporting their allocation to the three piece bathroom (bath, toilet, basin) three-dimensional style matching, ensure uniform style of the bathroom.

1., the shelf vertical pole for stainless steel composite pipe, always bright as new. The tray is ABS plastic. Very characteristic, very practical products, according to the height of the house free adjustment, and tighten fixed, do not have to install, can freely change places, very solid, more space than imagined.

2., simple natural scenery of the restaurant, natural waterproof wood floors, white light tone, it is very natural and refreshing. In storage also has very bright spots, with open cabinets, wall through layers of wooden or metal surfaces do receive function, is a kind of decoration, so that the wall is not too monotonous, and storage display area.

3. iron in the pastoral style room often use the bathroom space, can also be used on this space into fresh pastoral flavor. Modern style admission rack, the above two layers can be placed on the daily use of small cups and things like that, where the following can also put books, the implementation of multi-functional storage, beautiful and practical. The seemingly natural free combination, bright spot is in the restaurant space, wood concise, painted dark brown and white, of varying lengths, mutual authentic, harmony but not monotonous.

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