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How to install and buy LCD TV wall rack
Jun 29, 2017

1. before installing the LCD TV rack, check the weight of the wall carefully. The inner walls of many rooms are hollow, and the wall hanging TV can not be installed at all. Only the LCD TV can be placed on the cabinet. According to the mentioned LCD TV countries "installation service standards": 4 times the amount of the bearing installing wall should be not less than the actual weight of the LCD TV, after installation before and after the 10 degree tilt TV should not be dumped.

2. installation environment is also very important, we first check the humidity in the room, no matter what brand of LCD TV, can not be long-term in a humid environment, because many of the LCD TV is not waterproof, heat dissipation within the grid circuit board will directly contact with the outside air, liquid crystal TV installation the position is too close to the moisture will damage the machine; in addition to the air humidity, but also the installation position of LCD TV rack, usually watch TV at least distance is 3-5 times the screen diagonal distance.

Buy 3. hanging support is very important, we all know that the LCD TV than the traditional CRT quality is much lighter, but if the installation is not good, or is likely to fall from the wall, very serious consequences. To choose the right wall bracket in the choice of LCD TV flower, its strength and resistance to security.

According to the survey found that the current TV manufacturers are generally bare metal sales excluding TV, LCD TV rack, so the market with TV brand name, most of them are fake. Due to the use of counterfeit or inferior TV rack caused by the annual consumer complaints very much, but often cannot get effective treatment, no production enterprise information is the main reason for these products, can not be traced the source of the product!

This is a general feature of the fake TV rack, because most of the products are small workshop production, and no guarantee of quality, fear of responsibility and customer service, in order to avoid the risk, do not identify any information on the product manufacturers.

A good LCD TV wall rack can not only bring you better visual enjoyment, but also enhance the home decoration taste. Therefore, a qualified LCD TV wall rack is of vital importance. Choose a suitable for their home LCD TV wall, after dinner, tea, comfortable watching TV is also a good enjoyment.

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