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How do you hang a wall on a small bookshelf?
Nov 02, 2017

Large cabinets usually use special hanging codes, but I see pictures of small shelves and bookshelves on the wall, which seem to be of no use, and do not see the exposed hardware. What ways are they going to use the wall?

I bought a small set of bookshelves, sizes 30 x 60, 30 x 100, how do I hang them up the wall?

Probably like to read in the family, wherever you like to put a few books, so hanging wall style small bookshelf is very practical.


Then the small bookshelf wall type how to install? For everyone to tidy up the installation steps:

 1. each board with screw assembly or stitching

 2.on the wall to find good installation of wall hanging bookshelf position, do good mark. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the two holes on the back, and then compare the size, find the location of the wall hanging bookshelf on the wall and mark it;

3. use the electric drill to punch the mark. According to the expansion of the size of the screw on the wall, drilling depth ratio of deep 2~3cm expansion screws can be punched to the attention of a little bit inclined to; 

4. type expansion screw hole. The expansion screw tube type just beat hole, flush with the wall;


5. cement nail expansion bolt in tapping screws, expansion screws until stable after pulling out nail cement;

6. installation invisible support, will support expansion screws can be screwed into the;


7. insert the bookshelf into the invisible bracket. So the installation is complete.

Need to make the expansion screw hole, the operation is too much trouble, if the main shelf is relatively light, the book is relatively small, can also be considered by the blue Ding glue to fix, it is mainly used to replace the use of nails, do not leave a mark on the wall.


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