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How do you choose the right desk and chair for your child?
Sep 19, 2017

In order to let the children body growth is normal, but don't underestimate the desk at home selection, the following is a detailed explanation of this problem:

Most children's hump is caused by uncomfortable sitting while studying. The chair is too low and can only stretch its neck. When the chair is too high, it must bend. Only the body, tables and chairs, three children back to reasonable collocation, straight.

Generally speaking, students desks and chairs specifications are generally table 63 cm high, and the chair is to be elected to the 32 cm, this proportion is more suitable for children's body, for most students, so much more comfortable to sit on the chair,kids study table and chair set manufacturers.

In children after junior high school, chairs and tables are relative to improve 5~10 cm.

The back of a chair is also very important, a lot of home when choosing a chair backrest to choose relatively soft, so that seemed very comfortable to swing to swing, they also let the children sit the chair; also some home to choose some beautiful, straight backed chair, the chair design is not suitable for these chairs in learning. The back of the chair is best fitted to the child's spinal physiological curve, with a slight tilt at the upper end.

Soft back chair increased their risk of damage to the waist, straight back will make the child feel very uncomfortable, and bent forward.

It's a lot better than a physiological curve. When a child is looking at a computer screen or reading a book, he just has to pull up his chest just by the back of his chair.

The armrest of the chair is also very important, the armrest of the chair must be fixed, when the arm supports above, the camber is slightly more than 90 degrees, this can let the sitting posture be more perfect,kids study table and chair set manufacturers.

Too slippery chairs can not be bought, some plastic and spray painted chairs look beautiful, but because of the slippery, lack of stability, the child sitting on top of any posture may appear. The best materials are the surface of solid wood and cloth, sitting on it with relatively fixed posture.

In line with the above conditions, is not to let the children bend in the study of a good chair, when buying, you can refer to. Parents should also be good at observing the child's sitting posture, as his age increases, tables and chairs should also be relatively changed. For children who have stooped, you can choose some sitting posture correction chair, when students learn, play a role in forced correction, to ensure that children grow up tall and straight.

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