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Home accessories shelf how to install?
Jun 29, 2017

Home decoration is often a difficult problem, then how to put the goods at home and beautiful, and does not cover an area? Home decorations shelves at this time can play a role, can greatly increase the availability of our room, can greatly increase the beauty of the room

Principle 1: the wall shelf should be installed to comply with the principle of convenience and practical. When installing shelving must take into account the whole layout and the habits of everyday life, such as in the kitchen wall on the mounting rack, to take into account the wall is installed in the rack can readily get cooking place.

Principle 2: the installation of wall shelving should comply with the principle of space saving. Kitchen and bathroom in our family is a relatively small place, so the installation of racks must save space, reasonable use of our space position.

Principle 3: Wall Shelf should be classified clearly. There are many kinds of wall overhead rack, rack installation function in a different different, so they are "out" to make Home Furnishing life everything in good order and well arranged.

The installation only needs to be measured first, and needs to be fixed. Make a mark with a pencil; use an electric drill to drill holes and fix the shelf with screws and expansion screws.

Methods: 1 fixed wall to buried metal structures, lapped grid plate (active approach), or insert (plate side drilling activities, in IKEA are similar), or according to the fixed member, decorative Woodworking (fixed and removable). Strong and stable. This method is suitable for new masonry walls.

Methods: 2 fixed wall drill steel reinforcement, lapped decorative frame (active approach) or thick side drilling, insert (activity, IKEA decorative frame are similar to the practice, or according to the fixed component) woodworking and decorative (fixed and removable). This method is suitable for most of the existing wall decoration frame.

Fixed method 3: the wall with expansion bolts and other fixed angle steel frame, set up decorative frame (activities), or carpentry according to component fixed, decoration (fixed, not removable). The disadvantage of this method is that the angle iron frame is ugly, but the books placed in one kind can use the book to cover the diagonal bracing. The advantage is that the bearing capacity is high, and it is suitable for heavier objects and ornaments.

Methods: 4 fixed purchase of finished iron stents or special fixed frame, cantilever, wall drilling (store commonly used) plastic screws or wedge wood screws. The glass decorative frame can be adopted, the cost is higher, the appearance is beautiful, the bearing capacity is not too high, and the variability is strong (the spacing between the upper and lower decorative frames can be adjusted).

Decoration wall decoration for home appliance goods shelf is helpful, to maximize our prices increase in space, can also let the guests lamented the owner's intentions, increase the availability of furniture, so the wall decorative frame a good will can make good use of the correct installation.

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