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Holistic home introduction
Dec 21, 2017

In a simple way, it is for the owner of the new house to do the overall planning. From the overall planning of bedroom structure, function, line, color and space to the overall arrangement of decorative materials, electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns, sanitary wares, cabinets, furniture and so on, a new concept of home decoration with all-round and three-dimensional construction is carried out.

Through the home decoration, the model room can be cut and learned. It is known that the house with small size is very tense and cramped. It can also create a spacious and transparent sense of space through the decoration and design of professional designers.

"Holistic home" includes two modes of vertical alliance and horizontal alliance. The former is Jiezhuang companies and manufacturers alliance, customized finished materials in the decoration, such as decoration, decoration paint, wood line, or construction, decoration companies by their own independent research, involved in the production field, to design, production, construction system, scale development, or by a "whole Home Furnishing" supporting capacity the manufacturers through regional exclusive agents directly face the owners of "whole Home Furnishing" products and services. Horizontal alliance is a large and extensive industrial chain integrated by decoration companies and all related industries, such as furniture, household appliances, decorative materials, ornaments, gardening, etc. Through the integration of resources, decoration companies no longer provide single decoration services, but start a role transformation, becoming a comprehensive provider of home products, providing consumers with a complete set of one-stop services.

"Holistic home" requires designers to serve the whole process of home assembly engineering. Including detailed communication before the consultation, the overall positioning style Home Furnishing including home appliances, furniture, also, after the renovation, the owners will provide a comprehensive layout of Home Furnishing and use of the program, in order to maintain the perfect living style, the decoration style and furniture, home appliances etc. the late style is not the case. "Overall home" through the "exhibition hall" way of collection of furniture, decorative materials, household appliances, ornaments and other related home products. As the decoration company procured home products through the group, the price was lower than the market price, and the consumer got the benefit.

Due to the establishment of an independent decoration production base, but also makes the overall furniture, the whole kitchen and corresponding implementation, such as furniture, cabinets, independent design and production in the factory in the decoration of wood and other products to avoid the previous on-site production manual pollution, long duration, error prone and other defects.


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