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Floor selection method 2
Dec 13, 2017

Floor name

No matter what you buy the floor, must let the manufacturers stated in the invoice and sales floor name list, it can also prevent cheated, once found the name has a problem, you can definitely double claims, such as teak (teak), we all know that teak is very rare wood, but many manufacturers in order to make money. Such as teak King (actually picking wood), Brazil teak (actually jatoba) and many other similar names, they have nothing to do with teak, the degree of luxury, stability is far from, just slightly similar colors and patterns.

Denial of a package

Package brand no factories, registered brands, to other manufacturers to processing, packing their own brand, this is terrible, he simply do not know the quality of a problem, he will go to the manufacturer who let you push, do not worry, of course he would say this is my factory production no problem, the key is you can guarantee that he will not be processed in several plant at the same time? In a small factory to do more with him, how can the quality is poor, the price can be high or low, manufacturing plant for a lower production cost, is the pursuit of brand products package forever, and his products once exposed, as long as he re register a brand, other manufacturers or no change factory, it it can be listed, it is the factory businesses do, such identification method is to see the floor without the box on the site, to sign a contract, his phone manufacturers pay a deposit, and he said the floor I to you, but I want to check if the manufacturer, you want to be true I return (clearly stated in the sales list). It is important to be careful when buying fortified floors and multiply solid wood composite floors.

Watch out for after sale tricks

The floor was completed in the procurement procedures, is the factory delivery, on-site installation stage, this stage also have to be careful, many unscrupulous businesses is to use this link to fool consumers, first of all, he will let you check the floor home, check the number of packets, and then upstairs to start the installation, the trick here, some businesses on the floor there are several boxes are pieces of wood, you will only see the appearance, and not all the packets, his workers would not pay attention when you will throw away the broken wood, and several floors package to make money, while the floor is not enough, they will let you go to buy, this is a complex some of the workers directly in your home, when no one stole two or three bags of floor run, so the installation of the floor must be supervised.

But the important thing is that things are worth the value, not to be cheap, as long as the economy allows, for themselves, of course, good choice.

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