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Floor selection method
Dec 12, 2017

Refusal of color adding floor

Now add color floor filled with a lot of market, this is not the reason of health China flooring industry, the first is the price we fight, no profit, and then work on the quality of the floor, many businesses use the patch board later, in order to let you see is repaired panels, only the surface coloring, do good in the slot and the back color, so you do not see it as a color palette, and small board, beautiful, but with the color floor in the pavement, after some time, because the surface is repaired, the occurrence of cracking, burst paint and other issues, and if you repaired. It will make the color off. So choose this color floor, you have to leave a heart.

Slot and thickness

It is also very important, as we all know, the standard floor thickness should be 18mm, but there are a lot of 17.5mm on the floor of the market, but I do not say bad 0.5mm floor effect will be affected, the key is 17.5mm floor is insufficient thickness of plate or along the curved plate restructuring, and along the curved plate number is more drying is not good or stress did not solve the problem, so that the floor is dangerous, the problem will be displayed in the pavement, performance of arch, corrugated, and notch length is another method of manufacturers cut corners, because the ground area is calculated by the board width and length, so the manufacturer slot it will be shorter, the surface is wide, so, he virtually reduced the cost, but he did harm are also consumers, floor notch short, easy to produce the sound, the floor will step up squeak Sound.

Paint difference

The paint on the floor of the market generally has 2 kinds: PU paint and UV paint, we must ask the paint types in the purchase floor, don't buy PU paint on the floor, there are no environmental protection, benzene and formaldehyde release of it are high, paint life is very short, disabled in European and American countries for a long time, for UV the paint is divided into two types, one is ordinary bright surface coating uv paint, a paint roller is UV (ultra wear resistant paint factory some propaganda) coating uv paint often waxing paint life is generally 2 to 3 years (with great effect to calculate the roll coating and degradation) just another UV paint technology, general matte effect, the surface is painted as pits shape, and super wear resistance is generally in the paint with three two aluminum oxide powder, it is common to distinguish between roll painting and ultra wear resistant paint an important point, this point should be noted in the manufacturers sales list.

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