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Decoration guide
Dec 08, 2017

The kitchen decoration guide has a look at several aspects of the design cabinet.

From the cabinet to the present, the basic modelling has not changed much. And every year the new products introduced by cabinet manufacturers are mainly embodied in two aspects of material use and detail improvement design.

Although there are many new materials available to market and try to use in the cupboard, but the use of new materials may change a little bit of experience, but it needs more money, so the traditional wood, aluminum, stone, plastic, polyamide board and other materials is the best choice. So what do you have in the "enjoy design" cabinet?

In addition to the material, the cabinet has the "enjoyment of the design" to see these aspects:

1, the internal function is complete. That is to say that there are three basic functions of washing, cooking and storage.

2. Whether the process is reasonable. It is better to wash, prepare meals, cook according to their own operation habits, start in a certain direction, and run through the gas line in a certain way, which can greatly reduce labor consumption.

3, a key point of the cabinet design is to emphasize the operation to concentrate on one area, for example, concentrate on the central part of the kitchen, while the storage is mainly based on the space around the cupboard. This design has a high demand for space, but this 4 is also conforming to the idea of "living in the kitchen". If possible, expand the area of the kitchen.

4, the installation of various electrical appliances in the cabinet to ensure the correct, this can reduce the security risks and work strength.

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