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Balcony shelf
Jun 29, 2017

Balcony shelf - Installation Principle of balcony shelf

Practical: Wall Shelf should comply with the convenient and practical principle. When installing shelves, be sure to take into account the overall layout and daily habits of the room.

Simplicity: the installation of wall rack should comply with the principle of saving space. Kitchen and bathroom in the family is relatively small area, so the installation of racks must save space and reasonable use of space. Equipment rack, we must first pay attention to beauty, not arbitrarily placed, it is best to ask the designer to see after installation. Designer Dmitry Kozinenko designed fish scale balcony shelf, shelf and wall integration, not only space savings, the room has become simple and beautiful. Designer's inspiration comes from the scale, scale hierarchy, arrangement is very beautiful, the designer of the shelf arrangement method using same, similar to the white wooden fish scale was nailed to the wall tilt, tilt of the middle part is on a piece of wood, like the open scale, can be used to place objects. Put some books, pots, handicrafts, will not make it deformed, and will not feel abrupt.

Balcony shelf - installation method of balcony shelf

Tools / raw materials: rack, impact drill, ruler, hammer, applicable screws, etc..

Methods / procedures: prepare the tools and, above all, prepare an impact drill. It is important to note that, depending on the size of the expansion screw used for the installation, a larger size of the drill shall be selected. The first shelf tried out about the location, and then take a tape measure the height and pitch, fixed position, with a pencil mark. Punch with percussion drilling. Be careful when drilling, and don't damage the wall. Place expansion screws in holes and tap with hammers to secure expansion screws. Different types of expansion screws, the method used is not the same, you can find the specific suited to their own. Insert the shelf into the stationary screw and it's OK. It should be noted that the perforations need to be raised slightly to prevent the shelf from tilting downward due to gravity.

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