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An assortment of bookshelves
Jun 29, 2017

Types of shelves - wall and embedded

Leaning against the wall type bookshelf, select a wall in the study, attach to the wall to arrange, this kind of leaning wall type bookshelf occupies the space extremely limited, is suitable for the smaller indoor space. The rich shelves in the wall type bookshelf bring great convenience to the family office, and maximize the display function only by extending the space.

Embedded bookshelf, embedded bookshelf can be measured according to the items that need to be stored. Besides the size, the style of the bookshelf can be ordered, so that the whole style is consistent. At the same time, you can also use closed storage design, that is, in front of the cabinet and then placed a wooden wall, wooden wall design, there are many small doors, pull out the small door, you can see the things in the cupboard.

Types of bookshelves - freestanding and clapboard type

Independent independent bookshelf bookshelf, strong adaptability, can move to bring them to their new homes, but also for those bookworm or books, some people in order to buy a specially tokenism, independent bookshelf design unique, to reflect their own identity and class, the other single vertical shelf can also be used to partition space similar to the role of screen.

The clapboard bookshelf, the clapboard bookshelf, is especially suitable for the new generation of fashion people. Regardless of the decoration style in the house, the clapboard type bookshelf can be decorated at home. The collocation of bookshelf and study has more concise, integral modelling feeling, show host extraordinary taste.

Types of shelves - steel and wood combined

Steel wood combined shelves, steel and wood combined bookshelf can be disassembled, plate layer can be adjusted according to the size of their own bookcase books even at the height of laminate load-bearing ability, at the same time this bookcase is not easy deformation, suitable for different space requirements.

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