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Advantages and disadvantages of glass shelving
Jun 29, 2017

Wall glass shelving - advantages: precision workmanship, perfect quality. Metal plating, durable, not easy to rust, strong load-bearing capacity. Transparent and bright, showing fashionable beauty. With four universal rolling wheels, it is mobile and easy to use. A variety of functions in one, can be used in the kitchen shelf / fruit rack / vegetable rack, bright and durable, beautiful and durable, beautiful and easy to move, placed anywhere in the home can play its advantages. The quality of metal plating, design clever, cumbersome, clean and bright, can promote air circulation, reduce dust accumulation, open design, so that storage can be seen at one glance.

The glass shelf - disadvantages: glass is a transparent semi solid, semi liquid substances, to form a continuous network structure in the melt, silicate nonmetalmaterials cooling process viscosity increases gradually and hardening without crystallization. No matter what kind of glass, the biggest weakness is fragile, poor elasticity, broken easily wounding.

The wall on the shelf can have many kinds of material, but the glass material is the best way to see the crystal clear at a glance. However, the use of wall glass shelves must be careful, do not touch the touch, and easily injured.

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