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A variety of bookshelf walls
Dec 04, 2017

Of course, apart from the living room, the bookshelf walls can also appear in other spaces.

For instance


After putting on the bookshelf, the restaurant has a lot of identity - a little space for reading and leisure, like being in a cafe.

Basking in the warm sun, lazy sitting on a stool, a free hand can get a book, just such a person quietly, enjoy the good life around carelessly.

We see most bedroom bookshelf with tatami together, who let it receive a large space and place.

If you have a long passage, do not waste, slip children use it!

Do not know whether there are people like the king of the room, sometimes feel that the partition is too hard, in addition to the division of space, there are no other uses. But if the partition is made into a bookshelf, it will be very different, not only to divide the space, but also to greatly increase the space for the collection, so that the books have a place of storage.

How do they make them look better?

Categorization of books

By type


By color


The inner wall is painted with different colors

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